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The musings of a twenty something girl from the Midwest.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Job Has Ruined Something Else

I find it sad that the medical inaccuracies on Scrubs are so bad that I can’t watch the show and enjoy it for the half hour gem of comedy it is.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

This last weekend marked a career milestone, that’s right, my last night shift. A few weeks ago my boss approached me in a patient’s room and asked to talk to me. My mind raced with possible topics of malpractice but instead she told me that we now had enough people who work nights that some of the people who rotated could come off. I snatched up the opportunity.

From now on I will be working the day shift, getting done with work at 11pm at the latest. No more sleeping during daylight for me. The world is my oyster filled with sunlit bedrooms and houses on a busy street.

In a few months I may regret missing out on the sweet night differential in pay but until then you can start seeing me with my sunglasses on.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mouse Trap

A few weeks ago Adrianne called to inform me of the fact that, once again, she had found mouse poop in her room. Why the mice like Adrianne’s room I’m not sure. Her room is much more cleaner then mine and I’ve never seen her drink in her room, much less eat so that leaves out the crumbs theory out.

We had had a problem with mice earlier this year and after informing our landlord had the house fumigated. I guess that wasn’t enough because they are back. We tried to use the live traps that are like little cages for the mice so that we can catch them and transport them to a near by park, but the mice want nothing to do with that. Our traps have sat open for the last two months untouched by the mice. So we moved on to the old-school trap, the type where a large metal hinge snaps down and breaks the mouse’s neck. Steve set it last night with a few slices of cheese as bate.

This morning when I woke up there was a dead mouse for me to deal with. The trapped had flipped with it went off so I didn’t have to see it’s face but I’m assuming it was gruesome due to the smear of blood on the floor that it left.

I was unsure as to how to remove the mouse corpse from my house. The idea of touching a dead mouse is not appealing in anyway so I attempted to scoop the body up into a box. I accomplished moving the body around on the floor more then anything so, with rubber gloves on, I took a plastic bag and picked up the trap from the non-mouse side. I then ran downstairs and unceremoniously through the mouse and trap into the garbage can outside.

I stick my finger into people on occasion at work and dealing with the dead mouse still seemed much more gross to me. I’ve decided that maybe from now on will wait to set the traps until someone else will be home with me.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To Celebrate

Steve turned another year older so to celebrate we drove to New Hampshire and stayed at a comfy Inn and went outlet shopping and hiking.

Steve trying not to get lost in the woods.

Warming up next to the fire.

We had a great relaxing weekend filled with really good food and lots of sleeping in.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Material Girl

About one month after Steve and I started to date he went to Nantucket on business and came back with a pair of beautiful earrings for me. I had never had a boy buy me jewelry much less beautiful jewelry so needless to say this particular pair of accessories has become my favorite thing to wear.

When I was packing to go home for Christmas I wanted to pack the earrings but I couldn’t find one. I didn’t stress too much about it at the time because of the holidays but with some recent free time I cleaned my room and swept under anything. Still no sign of the earring. I became a bit frantic and started to think of ways to try to replace the earring or worse yet, tell Steve I had lost one.

Then last weekend while we were making dinner Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out a small plastic tube. “Hey, I brought back you earring” he casually said. I started to freak out I was so happy that the small pieces of glass and metal weren’t lost forever. Apparently Steve had taken one of my earrings in an attempt to try to find a matching necklace for Christmas. He was unsuccessful in finding a match and had forgotten about my earring until earlier that day.

I never thought I put too much emphasis on jewelry but this little episode has pointed me in the direction that I will run if there is a fire and I only have time to save a few things.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I Blame Charlie

Boston has recently joined the ranks of most major metropolitan areas by transitioning its public transportation from tokens to plastic cards. Gone are the days when you ask the T attendant to give you a token for $1.25, now it’s a machine that forces you to add a charge to your credit card of $1.75. For people who ride the T as their only source of transportation it is more economical to buy a monthly pass that is like a credit card that has to be renewed monthly called a Charlie Card. Since I’ve received my card I’ve noticed a problem.

Every store I walk into the security alarm sounds. At first it’s startling but now it’s down right annoying. It’s not only me either. I was at a local drug store last week and about two-thirds of the people walking through the security devices set them off. No one even reacts to it anymore. It doesn’t matter if you are walking in or out, alarms sounds and lights flash. Last night when I went to the liquor store where the alarms are especially loud and once again set off the alarms. The guy behind the counter joked “Alright, hands up in the air.” Steve and I explained our theory of the Charlie card setting of the alarms. The guy said that he had noticed the alarm going off a lot more recently when people were walking in.

I take that as validation of our theory.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Steve and I have managed, for two weekends in a row, not to leave the house unless it is related to us getting food. We lay in bed all day reading, listening to music and watching movies. At first I felt slightly ashamed of our laziness but now I’m proud.

Next weekend will have more of the same.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Starting Off

On New Year Eve day the unit assistant at work scrubbed the entire nurse station down with alcohol stating “In my county every year we take every thing outside the house and then clean the house so we can start new.” While the idea of taking everything I own outside doesn’t appeal I like the idea of cleaning so I can start new.

So today I cleaned my room out and took all unwanted items to the goodwill. I then dusted down the room and most of the house. I will start anew in the New Year waiting for new dust to settle and hopefully many other new good things to happen.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Though it’s a day late the sentiment rings true. On December 31st I woke up with an extremely stuffed up nose and sore throat. Then I worked for twelve hours. Once done with work I rushed home to shower and go to my cousins’ house for what I thought would be a semi-silent night of games and drinks. It turns out we were going to go down to First Night (Boston’s large New Year party).

Once down town I drank too much and ran out in the cold without a jacket to watch fireworks. We then proceeded to walk forty-five minutes to get back to Steve’s car. I ended the night by passing out on Paul and Beth’s bright red couch and mumbling about Steven eating other fish.

That is why I spent most of yesterday in pajamas and drinking warm glasses of tea.

Happy New Year everyone!