Standing Tall

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lessons from Italy

1.Always order the house wine, it's good, it's sort of cheap and it was made in Italy.

2. It is really a bad idea to pave your streets with black cobblestones as this will only make a heat wave your city is experiencing worse.

3. Italian women wear heeled shoes everywhere. Working as a police officer? Go ahead and wear your sling backs. Going to explore the ruins of an ancient city? Your wedge peap-toes are perfect.

4. If they want traffic laws to be obeyed then there will actually be a police officer in the middle of the street. Otherwise it's Vespas on all sides.

5. Only go to glato places were presentation is part of the experience.

6. There is a lot of really old stuff there.

7. You can go to an Irish pub in Italy and have a bar tender from New Zealand pour you a German beer.

8. If you have an amazing chapel pained by a famous artist needs restoring a Japanese television channel might foot the 12 million dollar bill as long as they get exclusive rights to every image of it.

9. Do not sit next to lonely old women who bring their own water bottle of wine on a 2 hour train ride. They will talk to you constantly and since her English is limited it will always be the same conversation.

10. Enjoy every moment of it.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


I'm getting married today! I'm so happy to be marring Steve and to be surrounded by our family and friends today. The people who are not here will be in our hearts and I can't wait to be Mrs. Lewis!