Standing Tall

The musings of a twenty something girl from the Midwest.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Glad Game

The weather in Boston as of late has been crappy. It's rained, it's been cloudy, and his been so muggy that my feet stick to our wood floors if I sit too long in one place. I have decided not to complain about it, but instead to play the glad game in regards to the weather.
-This is great soup weather, taco soup, pumpkin soup, lentil soup, all sound great right now.
-Moose is inside more so I feel more like we own a cat instead of an idea of a cat.
-It's the perfect time of year where you can wear long pants and flip flops (a favorite combo of mine that can only be worn a few weeks out of the year without extreme uncomfortableness)
-I don't feel as guilty for spending my days off inside in my PJ's watching TV/on the internet.

Check it out Boston, it will be sunny again and in the mean time enjoy a nice cup of tea in your jammies while watching TV.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, it's been awhile since I posted last. There are many reasons for this but I hope to remedy this soon. I've been working a lot and work has been depressing. Without giving too much information, let me just say it's hard to take care of someone who is not dying but sure isn't living. I've been more emotionally distraught by this patient then any other I have taken care of. My days off have been mostly recovering from work. I'm hoping to do a better job of leaving work at work and to live my life at home more. More posts are to follow, I promise.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Track Suit Up

I’ve started to run again. I feel stronger then I have in a long time and it just seemed like a great way for me to get an extra day of cardio in without having to go to the gym. So I laced up my shoes and started to run the bike trail near my house and expanded from there. Somehow the idea of running a 5K got into my head and I started to snoop around for any races in my area and ended up with the Somerville 5K for the homeless coalition. I was at first excited about it but my excitement quickly turned to anxiety. What if my knees can’t take 5K? What if people laugh at my slow running? What if people try to push me off the route? So with this in mind I asked B to run with me. Lucky for me, I got a two in one, with my other cousin-in-law joining in the race.

So the Hansen girls will be running a race together and I’m excited again.

Monday, September 08, 2008


I had a patient last week who was one of these adjectives. Since I can’t say to much about the people I take care of I can’t tell which but when I asked him if I could shave his uni-brow into two separate eye brows he told me