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The musings of a twenty something girl from the Midwest.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Pox

I made a delicious salmon on Sunday night. It was really tasty, a fresh salmon in teriyaki sauce over a bed of leafy greens. The only problem is that to cook the salmon I added a cold fish to a hot pan of oil; I’d have to admit it was not my smartest moment. Hot oil went flying every where. Moose watch as I swore a lot and ran to the sink and dowsed my burning flesh in cold water.

Luckily, only a few small spots were burned and after rubbing aloe on them have turned into small red spots all over my right arm. When I returned to work the next day a few of my patients asked me if I had chicken pox. I told them no and had to tell the embarrassing story of trying to fry a fish.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

My blog turns three today.

Happy birthday blog.

Sometimes I’m a bit amazed that I even have a blog. When I was a kid we had “creative writing” time in school and I hated it. I never felt like I was creative and most of my stories were plagiarized from TV shows I had seen. I was glad when I started junior high and could stop writing “creative” stories (that was the only good thing about junior high).

As time went by I had to write more form college I started to sort of miss writing any thing other then care plans. When I moved to Boston I thought that I would start to write a blog to keep up with my friends from home. I was a bit worried about my writing due to the “creative writing” history so I asked Adrianne. She gave me some great advice: “The way you become a better writer is just to write.”

So, in the last three years have I become a better writer? Not sure, but at least it’s been fun.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Necessity

When we got a membership at Bally’s I figured working out would be a thing that I did occasionally. Maybe when I had some free time or a day that I wasn’t doing anything I could kill some time by going to the gym, or maybe I could meet some new Bostonians. I did not expect it to become such a vital part of my life.

When I started working out I had such bad back pain that I would some times have to call out sick to work because I could barley walk. Now, after having worked out at least 3 times a week for the last 9 months my body is less prone to crippling back pain and the other ills that come with a sedentary life style.

So last week while I was on vacation I thought I could get by without working out. I was wrong. By the time Steve and I made it back from Ohio my body was falling apart. My back was killing me, my hips popped when I walked, and my knees ached with every step. I toughed it out a few days while I worked but my first day off I ran to the gym.

After twenty minutes on the elliptical my hips were back in line and my knees were no longer aching. Once I was done warming up I hit the weights where there was all sorts of popping and cracking and by the end I felt better.

I guess working out is more a part of my life then I wanted to admit and I’m ok with that.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reality Check

About 5 minutes after engaged Steve and I began to feel like we needed to have more solid plans about this whole engagement thing. “We have the first weekend of next month open if you want…” my dad joked. We all laughed and not soon later in my marathon of calling everyone I know did I start to get asked, “When are you getting married, and where?”

Wow, two very good questions. Now almost 2 weeks after I got a great new accessory and a life changing proposal, reality of a wedding has set in. Not just any wedding, MY wedding. It’s still an odd concept to wrap my mind around. I didn’t sleep the day after we got engaged because all I could think about was wedding ideas. What color should bridesmaids wear? What song do I want to walk down the aisle to? Who are the bridesmaids? Most importantly, how much will all this cost.

We settled on Minnesota for a location, and went from there. We thought that it might be a bit cheaper to have a wedding in Minnesota versus Boston. Apparently though, the average cost of a wedding in Minneapolis is $32,000. It’s a number that is almost too much to wrap my mind around. “We can find a way to cut some cost” we thought but after some number crunching we realized we had woefully under budgeted ourselves.

Thanks to some great friends, and soon-to-be family, I have some great planners and good ideas. I’m sure we’ll have a great wedding, I’m just a bit overwhelmed right now.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


After almost 3 years of dating Steve popped the question lat night.

I said yes.

We have no details of when, where, or how big this event will be but I know that I will be surrounded by my loved ones as Steve and I create a new family.