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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I’m a Hundredaire!

When I was a kid I always remember my dad playing squares for the super bowel, joining the office pool to have a 4 in one hundred chance in winning money. It seemed so adult: the office pool, gambling, watching football! So when one of my co-workers asked me if I wanted to buy squares I bellied up $20 because I wanted to feel like a grown up figuring that if I didn’t win at least I would be interested in the game for a change.

Steve and I had the game on and sort of watched it in between making dinner and cleaning the house. At the first quarter I looked up my numbers and realized that I had won! I did a little dance around the house yelling “I won a hundred dollars,” then settled down on the couch to watch the commercials. The second quarter one team had scored 10 points and the last numbers had stayed the same, I won a second time. I was pretty happy that I had been able to make my twenty bucks into something then ate dinner and watch Prince try not to further break his hips. Third quarter I didn’t really pay attention and only really looked up at the end to see who had won the money, it was me again! I spent the rest of the game in disbelief of my luck and am now contemplating how to spend my earnings.


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